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Hangzhou Tonglu
Zhuji Branch
URL:http://www.longtianjx.com Email:hengdask@hengdask.com
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Zhejiang Hengda CNC Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. professionals engaged in the research and development of CNC machine tool production, and exclusive of the NC machine tool design and manufacture.Enterprises located in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta, located in the beautiful Xishiguli (Zhejiang Zhuji). Companies in the years since the digestion and absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad CNC machine tools on the basis of production in light of its own rich experience and self-development of CK, CJK series 0625,0630,0636,6136,6140,6150 NC CNCM4 CNC lathe and milling machine series varieties.
Casting brand strength, excellent professional achievements. Companies "quality first, the customer first" as its purpose, to correct market positioning, rapid information feedback, agile management thinking, pioneering and innovative, in a more suitable position in domestic and foreign markets products, to expand their market opportunities, to win the trust of the majority of customers.
All staff in a positive development, innovation efforts, I am increasingly reflect machine tool company, "high-intensity, high-precision, high-efficiency" features, excellent for the price, at the same time, my company has a strong technical centers and after-sales service centers will be able to provide customers product development, design , manufacture, debugging, after-sales service one-stop services, the real value of machine tools in use will be fully reflected, so that you get the best investment results.
Friends and wholeheartedly welcome the plant products, domestic and international links, negotiate business, and increase understanding. Hengda and you create brilliant, toward the future!

Copyright (c) Zhejiang Hengda CNC Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 浙ICP備11019607號-1  

ADD:No.1 Hengda Road,Xinhe Industrial Park,Tonglu,Zhejiang  TEL:0571-58505998 58505996(FAX)
Branch:No.17 Changping Road,West Industrial Economic Development Zone,Zhuji  TEL:0571-87183988 87215378(FAX)
URL:http://www.longtianjx.com Email:hengdask@hengdask.com

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